Stilleben in rosé

Stilleben in rosé

still life in pink

No it was not a plastic tulip, and no, it’s not post-processed in any way

The trick was to get the white balance right and to slightly defocus. Since I had a manual white balance on camera, the photo looked quite different to me while shooting. When I set the white balance in the development afterwars, this was what popped out of it. Not that bad.

The second truth is, that this photo reminds me of a friend of mine that died last year. She once took a photo of her lips and photoshopped it to be glossy candy-like plastic. I loved it and so it was quite a coincidence to me that I produced the same effect just by using the eyedropper.

EXIF information
exposureTime 4/100 s
fnumber f/4.5
flashUsed No
focalLength 100
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