Regentropfen auf einem Blatt #1

Regentropfen auf einem Blatt #1

raindrop on a leaf

The weather last weekend was somewhat unsettled. While we tried hard not to get soaked that saturday afternoon in the garden, the rain also had it’s positive side effects. It did cost me some effort to get me and my camera ready since I didn’t really use it for some months now. When the rain was finally gone I seized the chance to take some shots of the rain drops on the leaves and blossoms in the garden. They aren’t quite what I really had in mind but though I never really dealt with this kind of photographic subject I think that the results are worth looking at.
Possibly the pictures would have been better if it wouldn’t have been that windy, or I wouldn’t have shivered that much, or if I had a tripod at hand - or, finally, if I’d used a polarizing filter - I’ll try that later anyways, but does someone have experience with that?

There’s not much more to say about this photo, except that I’m not overly satisfied with it. I just couldn’t get the color management (or conversion, to be exact) right to really reflect the colors I had in mind (in the raw converter, that is).
I will, however, upload more of these droplet photos the next days, all but one of them in b&w.

Please feel free to comment, as I am still learning.

EXIF information
exposureTime 625/100000 s
fnumber f/10.0
flashUsed No
focalLength 100
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